Hello and thanks for visiting!

I’m a 30 something, single Mum to an amazing, hilarious toddler (yes, I am ever so biased), living in Hereford (UK), and working full time as a Marketing Manager.

Right, to explain my blog title – I really do think I am the real Bridget Jones! I’m constantly on a mission to lose a few lbs, am hoping my dream man is just around the corner (although am more than a little sceptical such a thing exists?) and spend my days juggling everything life throws my way, invariably dropping balls here and there along the way (metaphorically speaking of course!)

I have a BIG love of all things food. I enjoy reading about it, cooking it and especially eating it (hence my constant weight loss mission!) Whilst this blog will be a bit of a cathartic diary for me, I predict the main focus will be on food – so expect recipes, photos and reviews all related to my all time favorite topic.

So that’s me in a nutshell…


4 thoughts on “Me!

    • Ah thank you! There are some worrying similarities between my car crash life and Bridget’s but it certainly keeps things interesting :0)
      I have to say, I’m a big fan of your blog. It makes for hilarious reading and I find myself relating to it far too often lol x

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