Well hello, it’s been a while!

What can I say? Life got busy, I got lazy, and before I knew it I had gone more than a month without a new post.

Well now I’m back, full of energy (not so much) and enthusiasm (yes, really!) and a whole host of new recipes to share with you.

You may remember me babbling on about a weight loss mission back in November? Well clearly just before Christmas was a ridiculous time to put such a plan in to action so I forgot about that, but have started afresh as of this month/year. And as my head is in the right place for it this time I am feeling confident that I shall be successful in my mission to ‘Drop a Dress Size by April‘. I’m not sure whether I have mentioned this before but I am going to be a bridesmaid at my beautiful friend’s wedding in April. Oh and my beautiful friend just happens to be the sister of my Darling (very soon to be ex) Husband, so if ever there were motivation to look good that would be it haha! I then have another very exciting wedding to look forward to in June when my baby brother will be marrying his lovely lovely fiancée – so lot’s of exciting things to look forward to right now!

As I said above, I am now on mission ‘Drop a Dress Size by April‘ and am following the Weight Watchers online plan. This involves tracking what you eat and ensuring you stick within your daily allowance of points. I actually quite like doing this as I see it as a bit of a game whereby I have to create the tastiest and most filling meals I can within that allowance. I am not a ‘diet’ person, I am a foodie – I love thinking about, cooking, and eating food, so any attempts to lose weight must still allow me to indulge my passion ha! This plan fortunately lets me do just that and also means that the recipes I share with you will be relevant to everyone, whether on a healthy eating plan or not. Have a look at my Haddock recipe below and see what you think…

Haddock Parcels

(serves 2)


2-4 haddock fillets (depending on appetite and size of fillet)

1 red pepper, diced

60g chorizo, diced

2 tsp butter

Juice of 1 lemon

2 tbsp capers

sundried tomatoes – if large I use about 2 per person

1 bag baby leaf spinach

Place up to 2 haddock fillets in to the middle of a square of tinfoil large enough that your can bring the ends in to make a parcel – do this for each person.

Divide the remaining ingredients (apart from spinach) equally between the 2 parcels. Order etc really doesn’t matter, just put it all in there.

Bring the sides of the foil up and fold together, then fold over the ends so that you have a couple of foil parcels.

Place on a baking tray in a pre heated over, at 200 Celsius, for about 20 mins.

Take the parcels out of the oven and open – make sure you do this very carefully as a lot of hot steam is likely to escape as you open.

Check the fish is cooked through and serve on a bed of uncooked spinach leaves (the heat from the fish etc will wilt it slightly whilst still maintaining some bite). Drizzle any liquid from the parcel over the top.

And there you have it! A low fat, tasty and filling meal. For those lucky enough not to have to watch the calories, some roasted baby potatoes with rock salt and a little olive oil taste amazing served with this. Unfortunately I did not have the points left to do this so served mine instead with some oven roast veg – a few cherry tomatoes, mushrooms and red onion roasted with a couple of sprays of Olive oil Frylite (a dieters best friend). Delicious!



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