Dear Santa…

Hey Santa, it’s been a while since I last wrote to you but I’d like to make up for that if that’s ok? Ask any of my friends and they’ll all tell you I’m pretty terrible at keeping in touch. I have the best of intentions but time has this habit of flying by – a long day at work turning in to a hectic evening, before ending with the need to just get in to bed and relax for a bit before sleep – and before you know it you have just left it too long… So I want to apologise for my neglect and reconnect, is that ok with you Santa?

I think my wish list this time around may be a little different. I’m actually ok for Tottenham Hotspur wallets this year, and thanks to iTunes have no need to ask for any music (Now 20 was the first tape you left in my stocking – can you believe we’re up to Now 83  Santa?). I’ll probably steer clear of England shell suits for now, but if you did want to bring me a Mr Frosty (remember those??) I wouldn’t say no – my parents always said it was a waste of money and it seems you must have agreed with them as I never did get one.

So enough of what I don’t want, here’s my list of what I really really would like – I hope you don’t think I’m being too greedy:

  • A guilt free day. A day when I don’t have to see my little lady cry as I hand her over to yet another person to look after her as I have to go to work, or because she has to see her Daddy (she loves him really, she just gets fed up of being passed around I think)
  • Time. Yes, just a bit more time a day would be nice. To get all the things done I keep meaning to, but just don’t have the time… I’d use it very wisely I promise, to clear out the garage or catch up on a bit of personal admin. Who am I kidding? I’d blatantly just go to bed and watch a film or finally finish off the last book in the Fifty Shades trilogy – but time spent with Christian Grey isn’t wasted is it??
  • Ability – the ability to actually put in to motion one of my ideas, rather than just talk and dream about it. Writing a book, selling home made cupcakes & cookies, starting a little deli style cafe – I spend a lot of time thinking how much I’d like to do these things but they never progress any further than the thought stage.
  • Continued health and happiness for everyone I know and love (including me if that’s ok!). Sorry, I know that one is a bit of a cliché Santa but it’s what I want so it’s staying on the list.
  • An iPad. Well if you don’t ask…

Well I think that’s all for this year – I haven’t asked for too much have I? Just a couple off the list would do me to be honest.

I promise not to leave it so long next time, probably about a year would be my guess.

All my love,


PS There will be home made mince pies and a glass of milk waiting for you. And a carrot for Rudolf of course…


Remember these?

eng90shell_sNow 20tottenham-hotspur-fc-velcro-walletmrfrostytoy


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