Christmas is coming… And I am getting fat!!

Aaagghhh I’ve just realised it’s only just over 4 weeks until Christmas!! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas (yes I’m one of those irritating people that can be heard playing the Michael Bublé Christmas album from the start of October), however, in my head it was still very much possible to lose that stone by the big day itself. Now unless I plan on starving myself, which is NEVER going to happen, a stone is looking rather unlikely.

My ‘efforts’ (I use that word very loosely) to lose weight weren’t exactly helped by the family meal at local Thai restaurant The Thai Gallery last night. I went with the best of intentions – no starter, light main (should be easy enough when eating Thai food right?) and only Diet Coke with the odd vodka and soda water thrown in to celebrate the weekend ( it would be rude not to).

Ok, this is what actually happened…


3 x Spare ribs

1 x Chicken satay

1.5 Thai fishcakes

1 x Filo pastry prawn


Squid in sweet & sour chilli sauce

Chicken fried rice


3 x pints of lager

2 x bottles of Singha beer

Gaaaaahh what’s wrong with me? I have to say though, whilst I feel a little guilty for it today, it was a bloody lovely meal and worth every calorie so hey ho!

The Thai Gallery will be know to anyone local. To anyone who may be passing through Hereford one day, and in need of a restaurant recommendation, here’s one for you! Extensive menu, tasty food clearly made from quality ingredients, good atmosphere and fair prices.

Anyway, where was I? Oh yes, lamenting about my lbs to lose/weeks until Christmas ratio. Ok so I’ve done a little recalculating and am going to go for an ambitious 10lb loss between now and Christmas. I may be asking a bit too much of myself there but considering week 1 usually gives decent results and I am determined to do this thing properly now, why not aim high? There’s no way on earth I will be actually revealing my weight in this blog, but I will be recording how many lbs I lose each week. Again this is a psychological kick up the bum that I hope will give me the willpower to stick to it. It would be just a little on the embarrassing side if I have to tell you all I’ve gained each week, therefore I’d better sort myself out and get myself some losses. For those interested, weigh in day will be Friday (morning after a wee, before a shower – I have been told your body absorbs water when showering that can show a gain – it’s true, it’s true!! And obviously I’ll be doing the towel drop – it all makes a difference haha!)

So there’s my pledge – between now and December 21st, the last Friday before Christmas, I SHALL lose 10lbs – wish me luck!

In other news… I took Monkey (aka my darling daughter) to the Wyevale Garden Centre this afternoon to see the Christmas display. This child who generally refuses to speak to anyone she doesn’t know, decided now would be the time to change all that. In the 30 seconds it took me to pick up and look at a potential Christmas present (a Cath Kidston hand cream if you must know) she had wandered over to a couple and announced to them that ‘Mummy has done a fuff (toddler for fart) and she is smelly’!! Fortunately they very much saw the funny side although I’m sure I detected a slight look of disgust directed my way. It wasn’t even true! No I wouldn’t believe me either, but really it wasn’t!

Right, I’m off to um not eat… That’s fine, I don’t want that bag of crisps calling me from the cupboard, or that piece of cheesecake with my name on it in the fridge anyway. No really I don’t…


4 thoughts on “Christmas is coming… And I am getting fat!!

  1. Drink a lot of water it will help flush you out. Half your body weight in ounces or 64 ounces of water whichever is more.

    Also spend some time and log your food. There are plenty of fantastic websites out there that will help you do that! But I’m sure you can lose that 10 pounds you want by Christmas you just have to focus on it.

    • Thanks for the advice shdwmage, will make sure I up my water levels, and have downloaded an app on to my phone that allows me to record everything I eat/drink! x

  2. Thank-you for popping into Word Zoo. Your hilarious description of visit to the restaurant mirrors some of my own will power events. LOL I just like food. A lot. I must remember not to shower before weigh-ins. This could be one of the major issues which puzzles me about mysterious weight gains. O.K. we know what needs to be done but I am stocking up on Spanks slimwear. Take care.

    • I shall be popping along frequently now that I have found it! Thanks also for taking the time to take a look at my own blog. I too am a little (lot) food obsessed, but I kind of like it that way… :0)
      Take care x

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