Ha I did it!!

Ok, so maybe I should begin by introducing myself – after all you want to know whether or not this is a blog you’re going to be interested in following or not, and from my own bloggy experience (pretty minimal I admit) it doesn’t take me too long to form an opinion. A bit like making a first impression I guess, only easier as I get the chance to really think about what I say here, make changes etc before publishing, so maybe actually harder come to think of it…

Right, to explain my tagline – I really do think I am the real Bridget Jones! I’m constantly on a mission to lose a few lbs, am hoping my dream man is just around the corner (although more than a little sceptical such a thing exists?) and spend my days juggling everything life throws my way, invariably dropping balls here and there along the way (metaphorically speaking of course!) I’m a 30 something, single Mum to an amazing, hilarious toddler (yes, I am ever so biased) and working full time as a Marketing Manager.

I’m very happy generally, but can also be found blubbering in a corner when overly tired (often)/having Mum guilt (often)/inebriated (not often enough). I also like to think I’m a fairly positive person, but again this can be scuppered by feelings of bitterness towards my darling soon to be ex husband – although less so these days as I realise him buggering off when our daughter was just 14 weeks old really did do me a favour ha!

So that’s me in a nutshell…

As for the title of this post, the reason for my smugness at starting this blog is down to the fact that I have a ‘great’ idea on a weekly, if not daily, basis as to what I should do next, what will make life interesting (let’s be honest, what could lead me to the dream man I’m so sceptical about) and what could make me my millions, and I am finally putting one of those in to action. At last! Admittedly, it’s unlikely to make me my millions and will probably only attract troll/spam followers if any at all, but it’s a step in the right direction, and so far, I must say it’s proving to be quite fun to do.

What will my blog offer you? Hopefully an interesting and at times amusing insight in to my life as a try to get the balance right between work and Mummyhood, updates on how my love life is going (or not going!) and I’d also like to share little things I like with you along the way – a great recipe I’ve tried, an anecdote I’ve heard, a website I’ve stumbled across etc. Who knows whether this blog will be a success or I’ll just be chatting away to myself, but until I try I just wont know.

Thanks for reading and please feel free to leave any comments you like (within reason, I am quite a sensitive sole you know :0) )


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